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Switch to CMCU!

Our knowledgeable member service team will walk you through the steps and assist you with making your transition as smooth as possible. We pledge to help you make the switch!

Download the switch kit!

Open a new Checking Account at CMCU

  1. If you are not a current member, we will help you complete the application process, including ordering your checks and VISA Debit Card.

Stop Using your Old Checking Account

  1. Allow all outstanding checks, debits, and other deductions to clear the account.

Switch Direct Deposits & Automatic Payments

  1. Deposit & Payment Checklist: to list your automatic deposits and payments. Complete and mail the following letters from the switch kit as needed.
  2. Direct Deposit Change Request Letter: to instruct the proper organization to send your direct deposits to Central Minnesota Credit Union.
  3. Automatic Payment Change Request Letter: to instruct businesses to switch your automatic payments to Central Minnesota Credit Union.

Close Your Old Checking Account

Destroy your old unused checks, deposit slips, ATM and debit cards. Close checking account request letter send this letter after you have competed the other steps and all your outstanding checks and debits have cleared the old account. Note: Some financial institutions may require this step to be done in person, please contact your old financial institution for guidance/instructions.