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Apply for your mortgage online, plus access
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Digital Payment Services

Use your CMCU Visa cards across a variety of devices to quickly and securely make purchases.

Select an option that is right for you:

Android Pay

Shop how you want.

Choose your device, add your credit or debit cards, and you’re all set. Wherever you are — at a store or in an app — you’re ready to use Android Pay.

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Apple Pay

Secure, simple, and even more useful.

Apple Pay is simple to use and works with the cards you already have on the devices you use every day. And because your card details are never shared when you use Apple Pay — in fact, they aren’t stored on your device at all — using Apple Pay on your iPhone, Apple Watch, or iPad is the safer and more private way to pay.

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Samsung Pay

Simple. Secure. Works virtually anywhere you can swipe your card.

Introducing Samsung Pay, the new way to pay with your Samsung Galaxy device. It’s simple. Secure. And works in more stores than any other mobile payment service.

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Visa Checkout

Buying is better when paying is fast and secure.

Visa Checkout is a digital payment service that can make online payments as fun and easy as online shopping. You can use it anywhere Visa Checkout is accepted — on the go with your tablet or smartphone, or at home with your computer.

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