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Ag and Business Leasing

Central Minnesota Credit Union and Northland Capital Financial Services, LLC are
teaming up to provide you with ag and business leasing options to complement our existing, robust product line. Northland Capital has over eighteen years of experience in equipment and building leasing and possesses a variety of lease options to fit your needs.

Leasing Options Available for Ag or Business

  • Machinery & Implements
  • Technology
  • Buildings
  • Trucks & Trailers

Benefits of Leasing

There are several potential benefits to leasing that include:

  • Effective method to defer tax while keeping cash working for your business. (consult your accountant for details)
  • 100% financing preserving cash and working capital with less initial expense.
  • Claim 100% of the payment as a business expense, reducing net costs.
  • Improves cash flow management with flexible terms and payment options.
  • Fixed payments through the duration of the lease customized to match your business operation.