Positive Pay

A simple, yet powerful, check and ACH fraud prevention tool for businesses.

Submit your check or ACH information to CMCU and as each item clears, CMCU will check for consistencies in the check number, amount paid, and date issued.
If an item does not match your information, it will become an “exception” and will not be paid without your approval.
Have peace of mind knowing that your payments are protected from fraud.


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*Subject to approval guidelines

Additional Details

  • Transaction management system that encompasses check Positive Pay, ACH Positive Pay, account reconciliation and automated ACH reporting.
  • Check number and check amount validation to protect against altered or stolen checks. Submit your payment information in CMCU’s digital banking platform.
  • ACH authorization to ensure the transaction type and max dollar amount is correct; receive notifications when an ACH item matches or exceeds these guidelines.
  • Receive email notifications when exceptions occur, and provide pay or return decisions.
  • Real time account reconciliation.
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