Switch Kit

Switch your accounts to Central Minnesota Credit Union

Central Minnesota Credit Union has made the switch from your old financial institution a breeze with our fillable forms and checklists. Follow the steps in the checklist below or download the full Switch Kit here. Check the boxes next to the items you have completed to keep track of the tasks you have accomplished or download a copy of this checklist here. Questions? Email, call or stop by any branch location and we'll help you make the switch.

Open Account

Verify Old Account

  • Verify that all checks, check card transactions, and scheduled bill payments have cleared your old checking account.
  • Make sure enough funds are available in your old account to cover any automatic payments, checks, and check card transactions that may still be withdrawn. Check maturity dates on Certificates of Deposit if transferring in order to avoid early withdrawal penalties.

Direct Deposits

  • Direct Deposit Change Request Form
    Send written notices to companies with which you have direct deposit (employer, government deposits, pension, transfers from other financial institutions, investment dividends, child support or court-issued deposits, etc.) notifying them that you want to switch your direct deposits to your new CMCU account.
  • Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement
    Send written notice to set up direct deposits with any new companies or individuals.

Automatic Payments

  • Authorization for Automatic Payment Transfer Form
    If you wish to continue your automatic payments with companies, include a notification with your new account information at CMCU.
  • Authorization for Automatic Payment Form
    Send a notification if you wish to add a new automatic payment.
  • Authorization for Canceling Automatic Payments Form
    If you wish to cancel your automatic payments with companies, send a written notice to those companies.
  • Contact companies that take payments from your old checking account using a debit card. Inform them of your new CMCU debit card information. If you prefer, you may set up this payment as an automatic payment rather than a debit card payment using Bill Payer on Internet Banking.

Verify New CMCU Account

Verify that your direct deposits and automatic payments have begun posting to your new CMCU account.

Close Old Account

Need help remembering all of your deposits and payments?

Check out our Deposit and Payment Checklist for some of the basics.

Need Help?

Find out where to find your routing and account numbers for direct deposits Learn More
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